The Death Cure by James Dashner: Is death the cure?

the death cure james dashner

⭐ Rating: 4.5/5

the death cure james dashnerAs someone who is into fantasy/sci-fi books, I’m pretty confident to say that I’m able to differ which stories are recommended to whom, and which aren’t. And The Maze Runner series by James Dashner is great for those who look not only for a story with a post-apocalyptic setting but also a unique storyline.

I love most part of the series, especially this last book. Although it broke my heart big time, I understand what happened to Newt and other characters are necessary for the plot twist. I like that it takes different approach: friendship, where romance doesn’t dominate the story. I also love the ending, the idea that you can’t solve every problem in the world; like, sometimes letting go is the only option. To put it simply, the series is not cliché. And the whole story stirs my emotion and drives me crazy with its conflicts and plot twists.

But, there’s this hole in the story that leaves me out in the dark since the first book: what kind of cure that WCKED was exactly working on? Dashner didn’t mention it specifically and it frustrates me because I can’t make the sense out of the Trials, brain activity, and, of course, the cure. And how could the interference of different sexes stimulate something different in the trials? Why is it important to put a boy in the girl trial and put a girl in the boy trial? Why should they be separated in the first place?

I know WCKED tries to analyze a brain pattern and create a blueprint—but how does that work? And what kind of cure? Drugs? Physiological treatment? What? I mean, WCKED is an organization of a bunch of (supposedly) genius scientists. They have to have at least the idea of what kind of cure they are working on, don’t they? Okay, maybe it’s just me not good at science, but really.

Plus, I think the existence of the Right Arms was too “enforced”. I see that this story needs another organization formed by adults as the opposition of WCKED—like in other YAL where teenagers seem to always need adult support in their attempts to achieve their goals, but the concept of the Right Arms itself is not clear. It is a rebellious organization with the purpose to burn down WCKED… but then what?

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