Behind the stillness

the giant mechanical man

It’s astonishing how fluid and complex people are. We can be quiet and have difficulties to start a conversation or simply to answer a question at one place, but at another, we need a thunderstorm to shut us up.

A friend of mine once talked about this. He said that inside, no one was quiet–those who were just hadn’t met their circle yet, people they belonged. Because he believed that even the most silent person could be pretty chatty when he/she was with someone he/she was comfortable with.

A few minutes ago I have just finished watching The Giant Mechanical Man, a movie that touches this topic. I couldn’t help but remember what my friend was saying. I mean, I agreed with him in the first place, but I never thought about it much. I’ve experienced it myself but never realized it in others (pardon my insensitivity). Then I watched this movie and I saw how real this thing was. Scenes came flooding in my head about people around me and how sometimes they were different from time to time, from one place to another–made me wonder which one was their real personality, tho. But now, I’m thinking, maybe it’s all real, they just don’t have it fixed because that’s how humans are, right?

Only sometimes some of us are forced on to something that doesn’t fit us quite well. And when we’re quiet, they wonder. I imagine things would be wonderful if we could just accept the fact that some people want different things than others, comfortable with the stuff that is not really relatable to most. But sadly, it’s not that easy, is it? Since it’s also in our nature to avoid things that are different–because they’re either seen ridiculous, bad, or even scary.

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