Nurfathia Yasmin started out her career as a Content Marketer, where she helped brands get connected to their audience through accessible tips and insights. During those years, she experienced in crafting copies, developing articles, and creating blog editorial plans along with their distribution.

On a daily basis, she now pursues digital marketing, working with brands to deliver their purposes to the right people. To carry this out, she dabbles on paid media advertising, such as search engine marketing, social media ads, and web display ads.

But that doesn’t mean she leaves behind her content writing background. If anything, she is living the best of both worlds: exploring digital marketing in her full-time job and venturing content writing projects as a freelancer.

She believes that all brands strive for a bigger picture of improving the lives of others—one way or another. That’s why she loves helping out with connecting the gap between the brands’ missions and the people’s needs. So, if you’re looking for someone to collaborate in this part, feel free to drop her a message because she would love to discuss.

Her current projects involve SME empowerment, children’s education, less waste living, and beauty care.